Illustrated by Prashanti Aswani

Girlsplained - the series

When three best friends start university, relationships are tested, sex becomes complicated and more followers mean more problems. Join Lauren, Janelle, and Yaz as they navigate life, love, friendship, sex, and relationships.

Girlsplained, the series, was created by us and produced with our awesome partners at Fully Focused Productions.


Priyanka Rajendram

Priyanka is a co-founder of Girlsplained and works across strategy, operations and content production for the group. She is currently working as a Preventive Medicine doctor in Singapore. As a social and behaviour change communication enthusiast, in particular entertainment-education, she has a Master's degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, as well as a Master's degree in Filmmaking from Raindance LLP/Staffordshire University, She loves watching TV and movies (duh!) and having great conversations over fantastic meals with her favourite people. Her mood often fluctuates with how Liverpool FC is doing and her dream is to chill with Oprah, drink with Adele and karaoke with the Spice Girls.


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Illustrated by Prashanti Aswani



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Illustrated by Prashanti Aswani

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